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That’s what happens when you transfer wealth from the working class to the ultra rich hands. That money was used to buy back stock and into the pockets of a handful of people. The taxpayers are stuck with the debt while Amazon pays zero taxes. Add to that a irrational increase in defense …

So now you are worried about Trump’s irrational and destructive decisions? Maybe if there weren’t those in Congress enabling his every move, he would not feel so emboldened to do whatever benefits his bottom line, he might consult the experts on Syria.

A true unicorn. A Republican with a spine who feels democracy should not be for sale.

Just when you think it’s going to be a lousy day.

So why would Mitch McConnell block bills to help secure the 2020 election since this is a Senate report? He is not there to serve the people, he is there to steal. Elections, Supreme Court seats, etc.

Ah, such a wide range of corruption and incompetence. That is what happens when ethics and oversight are taken out of the picture.

We could use more heroes in Congress. Sadly Darrin and Rodney are more interested in shielding the NRA than children.

That he is even allowed to make his wild and impossible threats demeans the Presidency and the honor of the country. He has no idea of the consequences of his diplomacy by tweets. All the people that were counted on to keep in under control have all left and now there is no one to tell the E…

How much accuracy do you need to shoot into a massive crowd a block away? That is the perfect situation for a gun that sprays bullets over a large area.

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