And remember... Guns don't kill people... Peo...

Nevermind, yes, guns kill people.

That election sucked hard for Trump. Needy people actually got some help. Mitch must have crapped himself having to bring that up for a vote.

#MAGA... I guess when Trump was talking about draining the swamp, he was referring to getting all his buddies free prison vacations. Trump should invest in a prison or two at this point.

Merry Christmas, YOU'RE FIRED!!! #MAGA

That's awesome and terrifying. We are now about 2 generations from China being the Supreme leaders they always thought they were. They caught up with us already economically and tchnologically, and now that they're not bound to the bizzare whims of right wing pseudoscience they will be smart…

I've got to see the cognitive dislocation used by the Rs to explain this one.

The State Farm cash cow is drying up. It's time to make the community affordable for regular folk.