Meh, it's an uninspired selection at rediculous prices. I'm not sure what their business plan is, but if it's be more expensive than anywhere else in town they nailed it.

Actually, that's a huge windfall for SF... Had that went to court the claimants were going for something like 8 billion. 250 was chump change and they weren't open to discovery.

That's a big win for SF.

If I wanted another soul crushing money munching machine of a company, I can go to any of the fortune 25. Making a catastrophic profit on the backs of poorly treated employees is what makes America great. SF was touted, for the last 90 years at least, as a family first company that was there…

If you had any doubts about State Farm losing its family and community focus, this should seal the deal for you.

We are going to lay off 1000 people so we can rename some stadiums. Not focus on the customer, improve our prices or claims service... But rename some stadiums.

Ed Rus…

"IT security professionals will tell you that VPN's are not necessarily secure because the users are still going through an ISP that is not secured by the company."

Sure, the mediocre security professionals that SF hires will sell you that. It keeps them employed.

The …

That's not remotely true... The people who are best at their jobs are finding employment outside of IL where the pay is better and benefits are actually competitive.

The people who are moving back simply aren't competitive in those markets.

Where it's stored is irrelevant if the proper security measures are in place to protect it.

MAGA!!! I'm sure this is Obama's fault too.

It's likely he goes down with orange titanic.

Speaking of Fake News... You know Clinton didn't get elected right?