Can't sell the Colosseum without paying off the debt, and it will not bring enough to pay off the balance, much less recover the tax dollars already wasted on it.

ProduceMan7: You make an excellent suggestion but if (when) Bloomington raises it's tax, Normal will not be far behind.

Electric vehicles do about the same damage as comparable sized cars. They not only pay zero fuel tax, their purchase is subsidized with tax dollars and they have options to recharge (refuel) for free. Let the green fanatics pay their fair share of road maintenance costs before the rest o…

The Parkland shooter was a well known threat to the school (government) and police (again government). Nothing was done until the shooting began, then the school safety officer waited safely outside while the slaughter continued in a "gun free zone"! Guns are not the problem, and…

Mother of 4: Why not a minimum wage of $20/hr so everyone can live better?
Or maybe even you understand that $20 will close some businesses and cut hours at those who survive. Higher wages will cause price increases so the $15 wages will only buy what the previous $10 wage purchases, or…

Walt, I hope you were joking. In the early 70's the climate change terror was glaciers in Chicago within 20 years. That obviously didn't happen, and there is no reason to believe this dire prediction is any more likely to happen.

Two years and untold millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent with no charges against Trump! If Muller wants Russian collusion he should be investigating Uranium One and classified emails on unsecured computers.

Any judgement awarded to Reeves should go 100% to the state to cover his incarceration and mental health treatment. Reeves or his family can pay the entire attorney fee for this ridiculous lawsuit.

If the state wants more money to fix roads and bridges, the first place they should look is fees on electric vehicles that currently use the roads while paying zero toward maintenance. After electric and hybrid vehicles are paying their fair share for road maintenance, come back and ask fo…

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