It's always good to visit the comments section to get highly informed opinions from people who must have been in the room when the decisions were made.

"Meanwhile, we're back to the same old tough question: What can we do about abortion?"

Simple. Mind your own business. Don't want an abortion, don't have one. In the meantime, support sex education and Planned Parenthood which are proven to reduce unwanted pregnancies.

Long time supporter of the arts here, and I think the mural is outstanding. That said, I'm having trouble getting on board with this. Maybe the artists can start a go fund me drive to pay for it? If it comes down to a cash settlement to the artists, then we'll know it was always just a mone…

When you resort to name calling, you lose.

Some people seem to get their greatest (only?) pleasure in life raining on any bit of potential good news. How sad.

You always seem to find the dark could behind any silver lining. It must be terribly frustrating living like that. Here's hoping something (anything!) goes right for you in the future.

Chas52 commented on Stand up and be counted

"As for misinformation about the GND, I quoted the document."
Yes, after misquoting and misrepresenting its contents, you did finally quote the actual document. Too bad it didn't validate any of the invalid points you attempted to make.

Chas52 commented on Stand up and be counted

Too bad you didn’t try using the actual document earlier.
(A) Definition of net-zero: resulting in neither a surplus nor a deficit of something specified when gains and losses are added.

That is, offsetting, NOT eliminating. I’ll take my chances with the batteries. …

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A sham? And how would you know that? (Unless you wrote it, that is.) He may be satiric, sarcastic, a troll, or a true believer, but at least he isn't peddling misinformation about the GND.

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Good Lord. The nation talks about socialism any time someone proposes doing anything to make people's lives better, going all the way back to FDR’s New Deal. If you think the writer is defending socialism, you really need to brush up on your reading comprehension skills. He is advocating an …

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