Jenn is bought and paid for by Tari Renner. Don't forget that as you watch her antics. You don't see Tari stopping her. She's carrying his water.

This should be a fun show to watch. Popcorn? Peanuts? Alphabet soup, anyone? Thank you Karyn Smith for finally demanding some accountability.

Can someone please explain to me what exactly has changed in this? As I see it, absolutely nothing except for the fact that Koos and company have fewer and fewer options on the table for limiting public comments against them. They're just trying to hold on to whatever little they have lef…

So long. Maybe Jenn will more there with him and she can run for Council there.

cheesecurd commented on Has concern about Trump health

There is absolutely no end to the attacks on Trump and what Herman and other like minded Trump haters don't seem to understand is the harder they go after him, the better Trump looks. Any other person who has had to face the constant strain of false accusations Tump has faced would have su…

"Clay Schumacher is familiar with Mayor (Chris) Koos." End of story.

I figured we'd be hearing a PR speech from Julie Hile in the very near future and here it is. Maybe the Hile Group could do an overpriced study for Connect to determine where to cut routes or add services. Wonder when the last time was Julie road the bus.

cheesecurd commented on Much we can do for govt. efficiency

Why don't you talk to your friend Chris in Uptown and see what he can do with his Council that you seem to support. I know he'd like to dumb Sarah Grammer too. Funny you don't mention anything about all the money Connect bleeds from both Bloomington and Normal city budgets.

Yes, the Connect Transit board needs to resign. All they do is ask for more money to run a defunct organization. Kudos to Sarah Grammer for pressing the issue. By now it should be obvious that the one who needs to go is Koos. Me thinks he's still a little bitter that Sarah beat out his U…

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