A vote for Ives is a vote for disgusting right wing hatred. Ives continues to make anti-gay, lesbian and transgender comments. She is against “gay” and “lesbian” marriages and their ability to adopt children. Ives said in a radio interview in 2013 that same-sex marriages are “disordered” an…

ChicagoJim commented on Labor Day parade starts downtown

I guess racism is not confined to my home state of Georgia.

Does Anderson have a first name? This omission is a cardinal sin of writing and editing news articles.

A well-known Republican politician in my neighborhood likened Democrats to rats in a mass email. The parallel with the Nazis likening Jews to rats with cartoons, etc. was not lost on me. Now we have Trump. The politician in my neighborhood should feel right at home in the Trump camp.

Was there not a forensic pathologist in McLean County to take this job? Or is McLean County too poor to pay one?

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