'I ran for office as myself...' says Jenn. And she did. As for her constituents, they must surely be lookin' on the bright side. After all, in these troubled times, something extraordinary has happened; they apparently got exactly what they paid for. That is, someone who is 'spring loaded…

So why, pray tell, is Des Moines Iowa pronounced 'DUH MOIN'? Yet Des Plaines Il, comes out exactly as 'DES PLAINES'?

Not a problem. What with President Blowhard's '...ill-defined plan to help farmers with $15 billion in assistance that would come on top of the $12 billion in aid announced last year', what's the problem here? Besides, mirabile dictu, I'm sure President 'Tiny' has a backup plan. He'll get …

Crybaby commented on Reconsider using social media

Ethan writes; 'If you don’t want something shared, don’t post it. ' For those too thick to follow this excellent advice, I would remind folks that may be possible to make something 'foolproof'. But it's not possible to make anything 'damned fool' proof.

'...woman tore off boyfriend's colostomy bag...'

I have added this to my list of mating rituals with which I am unfamiliar.

Let's not forget Adolph Hitler.

What an opportunity for the Miller Park Zoo. Dwarfing the piles of Reindeer poop, here's millions of Goose 'earrings' and 'nose' rings just lying around. Waiting for the 'right' customer. And if this article is any indication, the Zoo has an ISU captive audience consisting of the 'right' , '…

Crybaby commented on Eliminate booze for better life

Indeed, our good friend Loretta may be on to something. According to the latest 'Screech Du Jour', a new global study published in 'The Lancet' announces that NO amount of alcohol is good for your overall health. More ammunition, it seems, for the mob of busybodies who can't seem to control…

If the accompanying photo is any indication, Mr. Thomas Emerson Jr., 56, of Pontiac appears to be enjoying the attention.

Not to worry weather wimps as the bright side and rumor has it that Counseling will be made available for those who do not have access to a basement.

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