devils_advocate commented on Families striving to recover after fire

The innocent children involved in this story are not sitting around drink inking (sic) and smoking anything.
So hard to keep the focus where it belongs in this forum.

BTW, rivian sure got a helluva deal on the Mitsubishi plant.
Where's the production? Guess they don't have time to build something while making a KILLING flashing the computers of all those vehicles afflicted by the emissions-defeating software.
Anyone else happen to notice the make …

I don't even know where to begin...
First off, don't blame Blo and the metro zone for these deficits.
You spend all this money on these studies for these additions and expansions NOBODY is in favor of. You give away tax revenue to businesses that NOBODY cares about.
I can't even …

devils_advocate commented on Schlotzsky's restaurant closes

Let me preface this by saying the Turkey Original on Jalapeno Cheese bread is and always will be my favorite sandwich of ALL time.
That said, the last several times I was there that bread was out in the medium size and sometimes in all sizes and the people working those times were less t…

There's no way that dirty brick weed is worth anywhere near that much.
Who actually still smokes that schwag crap, anyway?

There's no trailer park remotely close to this Casey's. Read the story again.

"a happy nuclear" hahahaaaa! Well done, sir!

devils_advocate commented on Police will be out in force through holiday

Police state tactics disguised as protecting our "best interests".

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