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...poor clueless fool. What ARE you blabbering about? " ground ground" and "What you employee..."

Get off the booze and drugs and do some research instead of assuming you know what's going on. TALK to the farmers...hell, your mommy can point you in the right …

You gonna "stand up" when prices on ag goods skyrocket? That includes FOOD, you know...and how do you plan to "stand up" for OUR FARMERS? By turning over our production to Brazilian farmers? Way to go, "GENIUS". [thumbdown][thumbdown]

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...says the dink that lives in an alternate reality, and isn't part of the earth at all.

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What's a "fught"? You're drooling again, loser.

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So you're saying a $15+ minimum wage is worthwhile? That consumers (including immigrants who PAY TAXES and BUY THINGS!) affect the economy? That Americans *might* take a low-paying job to keep "furr'ners" from doing so? That businesses actually HIRE immigrants?


You …

Kim got exactly what he wanted: recognition, great propaganda pictures/video/sound, the US to back down first (war games for nothing), sanctions lifted momentarily, better relations with China...

Twitler got a day of self-praise and the world laughing at it.

Twitler: (as…

Yet ANOTHER Twitler-promoted circular firing squad. It should take center stage for the shooting. [censored]

Should we spend our days commemorating Ike and Normandy and George Marshall and Kennan and ignore that the world is not centered in London and Paris anymore?

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Still trying to get your little sister work, huh? Who knew a pig could give birth to a camel...only in your dysfunctional world...[ohmy]