Euler's mommy

im for it if they keep them locked up and if there is a greater ICE presence around here

rethinking that $15 min wage yet?

all idiots

what loons, its a machine

It is a fairy tale. Actually its more accurate to call if liberal propaganda. It is idiotic to say that Wal-Mart can simply raise their prices. Anyone with the smallest amount of business insight can understand that. The point i made previously that completely went over your head is that…

are you being sarcastic as if shootings are nothing to worry about? the police should just give up? it almost sounds like you are a participant in some of these shootings

pockets of section 8 all over the city where there shouldnt be. best thing to happen to gettysburg dr was those bldgs burning down.

They don't occur in other parts of the city at nearly the same rate, which is exactly the problem. But by all means, continue to bury your head in the sand.

racist JB standing next to some of his tokens

get an education NOW!