I don't know what is affordable about 3,000 deductible and 500 a mo. premium 1900 if you don't qualify for a subsidy.

everyoneknows commented on Sorensen resigns from County Board

What happened to inoccent until proven quilty?

The problem is which ones are the bad apples. I think Oklahoma ,911 and San Bernardino is dehuminizing.

If the state has a paper thin case they better let him go, can't try him again if they lose
I new Pam I feel Kurt is responsible and I want justice served. Just my opinion.

With today's technology I would think someone could figure out how to burn trash without polluting the air. Maybe a plant that could produce electricity from the gases.

Maybe it was a dream job for Jerome.

Prayers for the Hoeniges family.

He has family on the FD and PD so I am sure that his family was notified well before his name was released.

Why can't Governor Rauner appointed someone to finish out Schrocks term? That was done when Obama became president.

I want to know what Ms Benjamin said, I guess I missed thst.

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