Fabulous be program. I wish McLean County had such a program.

Thanks for putting him Zeke. Now we know who not to vote for.

So glad to see thst Stan Nord is running for election and looking forward to voting for him. Good man. We need him on the Normal Town Council.

Prayers answered. Thanks to all who voted. Kathy deserved to win.

I sincerely hope their efforts to address gun violence will be to focus on the trigger puller, the drug dealers, the gangs. Please do not focus your efforts on taking guns away from law abiding citizens. If your efforts and intentions are sincere, they will be to focus on the people responsi…

It's sad really. This neighborhood, or any other neighborhood, should never have to deal with a tragedy such as this. This must stop. The criminals must be found and face justice. No one should have to live in fear that their neighborhood will be next with another sensesless shooting. It's i…

Thankful they had the courage to be take this step. Another knucklehead wasting an opportunity. Hopefully they can fill the spot with a better player who won't screw it up.

Bob, good luck to you. Your biggest challenge will be hiring good, hard working, dedicated employees. I truly hope you can find good people who will put in an honest days work and help your dream restaurant be everything you want it to be.

Kathy Michaels and her staff have done a great job. She deserves to be re-elected. The only reason Chicago is going after the county clerk's office is so they can get their hands on our elections. Please, vote to re-elect Kathy Michaels. We really need her and her integrity in that office.

Stop spending and/or giving away our tax dollars. Just stop. Why the strong motivation to drive this town into more debt? Isn't $100,000,000.00 debt enough?