freemarketcapitalist commented on Miller Park Zoo euthanizes flamingo struck by rock

Accident? No! Intentionally. Intentionally threw a rock at the Flamingo. Who was it? What resitution will they be paying to the zoo. What school? What class? This is horrible.

Looking forward to them being held fully and completely accountable. Make them take fully responsibility for their actions. (Yes, I know. There are some swear words in there that make people cringe.)

Hallelujah!! Great job to the citizens who accomplished this. I am do proud of each and every one of you. You are to be commended for your hard work and persistence. This just goes to show the rest of us that getting together on an important issue is possible.

Yep and MPeabody, very insightful. Thank you. So anything rolling off the assembly line is a pipe dream? Correct?

A hefty donation "helped" someone get admitted to a local University.

It's people violence. It's shooter violence. It's criminal violence. It's offender violence. Guns are not violent. Many, many, many guns NEVER commit violence, and NEVER will. The VIOLENT CRIMINAL who ILLEGALLY has a gun and shoots someone is Violent. Stop blaming the gun. Start holding the …

Looking forward to Smollett going to prison and Foxx being fired. Corruption to the max.

Anyone who is paying attention knows this was bunk from day one. Hillarry and her cohorts are the guilty ones. Looking forward to them being held accountable.

freemarketcapitalist commented on Chief: Crime down again in Normal in 2018

Thank you for your efforts Chief and all in law enforcement. It must be maddening for you to know the increase in crime over the last 25 years is due to the influx from Chicago. The burden on our teachers and schools now requires more policing on campus. Wouldn't it just be better to move th…

freemarketcapitalist commented on Zoning board votes against DeWitt County wind farm

This is GREAT news! Wind turbines occupy precious, rich farmland to its detriment. They steal farmland. They are an unarguable eyesore. They effect the health of nearby residents. They devalue the land around them. They are nothing more than a way to adversely effect the lives of the propert…

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