Haystack commented on Healthy president, healthy earth

God Bless our great and courageous President Mr Donald J. Trump. Eh? [beam]

Haystack commented on Bible prophecies coming to pass

God Bless You John. Eh? [smile]

Happy Birthday Mike. Eh? [beam]

Haystack commented on Democrats have lost credibility

Now we have whistleblower #2. When will # 3, #4 and #5 come out. Reportedly Biden's son, Pelosi's son and Romney's son all on the board of directors for energy companies in the Ukraine. Funny.... when b. HUSSEIN o gave a speech in Minneapolis the police were ordered by the mayor to wear t…

I'm underwhelmed. Eh?[beam]

The religion of peace??? Laughable!!!! NEVER FORGET THIS. Eh? [censored]

It wont be long that Bolton will we working for CNN, pMSNBS and the rest of the garbage peddlers. Eh? [innocent]

Yeah there is a lot to be said for drugs that includes pot and alcohol. The use of cocaine should not be an excuse, she should be treated and charged as an adult. What a waste. Eh? [censored]

Haystack commented on Congress must protect elections

Its really amazing how the Clintons and Obamas reached such great heights of wealth. Eh? [innocent]

Its going to be fun to watch. Eh? [innocent]

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