Is it just coincidence that the picture headings say "FIELDS" a lot?

Where is the accountability of the town to do it's job? Did you miss where the town wrongly billed business for years and years for sewer fees by a factor of 4X? Are they collecting the back fees? This is a drop in the bucket compared and the new owner has zero responsibility for past fees t…

Everyone who gets the Pantagraph better read the back side of the price increase letter you received. Some more hidden charges if you do not read it. I canceled after 30+ years of getting the pantagraph.

What a bunch of hooey, Snow. You can try and twist this all you want. The Dems across the board including common core are dumbing down the US school system, period. Any clown can see this.

IL is on the fast track to 3rd world country status and you're supporting it at every turn, you …

Does anyone know the recall rules for Normal council and Mayor?

So when will they release exactly what this is?

They had to[pass it before we could see it. Sound familiar?

Does anyone know the recall rules for the council and Mayor?

Guns are designed to be a tool. Legal owners use them for defense, hunting, target shooting and with the intent to keep our govt/politicians in check.

In IL the legal owners are registered. You have no idea what gun laws IL has do you? The FFL has to keep a record of the sales. If you…

Sorry Charlie, driving cars is not specifically mentioned in the constitution. The 2A IS for a very specific reason. Try educating yourself on the Constitution and why the 2A was put in their, and get back to us.

A criminal can walk out of his house armed and dangerous to commit crime…

What NEW laws would have stopped the school shootings? Govt had over 45 chances to stop Cruz in Parkland and govt failed. Who do these people turn to? Yep, govt. Obama and Holder paid Parkland police and govt in their PROMISE scam to not keep records of crimes by students. Criminal records t…

Just think if 12 more people voted against the Koos cabal, we could of had a new direction. Well actually, a recount would have been in favor of Koos either way, right.

The state is beyond broke and the Normal pols just keep spending like the money will never stop. The roads are path…

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