Why do mass shootings almost always seem to happen in places such as schools and universities where guns are already banned?

All people born and unborn deserve the right to live. This issue will not go away until we take steps to make this happen. The ridiculous arguments people make to support this type of killing cannot convince a five year old. It does, however, expose the serious evil which exists in the he…

I think you have your considerations out of order. Their one and only job is to judge the constitutionality of any issue. Abortion was legalized on the idea that the Constitution had hidden within it a previously unknown right to privacy. Many constitutional scholars consider that ridicul…

So nice that one of our local high school teachers favors legalizing marijuana. Sets a good example for the kids.

So sad that our state has Laurel and Hardy running for governor. You younger kids might have to Google that reference.

More jobs, higher wages, higher standard of living trumps mama's homemade tortillas.

Shame on those who support Susan G. Komen knowing that they give money to Planned Parenthood (our nation's leading abortion provider)!

Snowflake McFeathers, just another liberal suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Assured her readers (if she has any) that Hilary would be our president and lost her mind when reality smacked her in the face. Happy that the Pantagraph continues to provide a platform for these losers to vent!

Kansans don't believe in killing their babies, a country without borders, gay marriage, transgender rights, high taxes or most of the Democrat platform. Kobach will win with or without Trump.