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I'm The One Who Knocks commented on Trump should avoid Iran

If you listened and read carefully you would learn that Trump doesn't want war. However, Iran is a rogue terrorist nation and we can't let them do what they want. Obama made things worse by giving them billions of dollars and letting them keep nuke capabilities. Explain how that is a good thing?

Yes parents, put your ego aside and vaccinate your kids. Do what's best for them. You put others and the health of your child at risk. Just because it's on the internet doesn't make it true.

I'm The One Who Knocks commented on MCCA: Bloomington Community House served its purpose

It is and always was a police substation! And that’s ok. Stop catering to the radical few. Did the activities and events that were held there change because they called the substation a community house? Nope.. Thank you BPD for all you do.

I'm The One Who Knocks commented on Miller Park Zoo euthanizes flamingo struck by rock

Unfortunate accident? Whatever

I'm The One Who Knocks commented on Jefferson Street Community House to be closed, sold

It was and is a "police substation."

on a school night no less...

What are the "spillover benefits" you speak of mayor? Pleas elaborate. If the tenants can't afford rent to begin with they aren't going to be able to contribute much, if any, to the economy. At least a vacant lot doesn't generate crime. This benefits the Developers and that's it.

I'm The One Who Knocks commented on Connect Transit receives OK for transfer center study

It's already been voted down hasn't it? This is Renner's Judy dome, build it at all costs even though it's not needed or wanted. What a waste.

I'm The One Who Knocks commented on BroMenn pleased with surgical results without Mako

"The question is whether improved alignment results in better long-term outcomes for the patient." I'm not criticizing, just asking- How is improved alignment not good thing for long term outcome?

Experts lol...c’mon panty,, smh

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