IF 6 WAS 9

Tell that to my friend who was forced out of state farm after working there 14 years.

Ah yes, the idiots in Chicago, I mean Springfield, how they love making new laws. Problem is that they are too incompetent to enforce them.

ISP doing their job. That is a contradiction in terms.

This is what happens when you base admission on politics.

Nothing but sportsmanship up there in Chicago.

IF 6 WAS 9 commented on There is no shame in mental illness

That was an excellent letter, nicely done!!!!

I would say having only Beer Nuts left would be a good thing. We have tons of potholes, crime and in debt with these businesses here. Without them all we wouldn't have the thousands of cars on the roads, the semis filling up Walmart and the hundreds of other stores, and the criminals would…

This is so hilarious!! They dump a bunch of people and then spend 175 mil on a sign. Like a good neighbor State Farm is gone.

I knew since the initial changes that SF moving out and this town is just going to have to adapt. Personally I believe SF deserves to sink after what they have done to their lower level employees with all this realignment and the pushing out of more experienced underwriters to replace them …

Totally awesome guys!!!! Way to go!!!

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