Yep, note many of the counties listed by the writer are broke already.

Don't worry, they will build a $15M bus stop in downtown Bloomington and a $25M tunnel to nowhere in Normal.

Interested commented on Why was Trump elected president?

Don't forget his Democratic opponent was considered a lying crook by many and the Democratic party took steps (perhaps not all ethical) to ensure Sanders didn't get the nomination.

Who votes for these nutcases?

King Madigan and his puppets are sending IL to the bottom.

Start by taking $ out of the budget for a downtown Bloomington transfer center and most of the large buses the drive around with 3-4 people on them at most.

How about passing a law requiring a minimum number of Republicans on the Cook county board. Don't things work better with diverse ideas?

Interested commented on Freedom is healthcare for all

Elizabeth, how do you plan to pay for this. Taxing the rich is not an option as an answer. It seems everyone who says tax the rich defines "the rich" as those who make $1 more than they do.

Updated water park bring in a lot of tourist from Covel.

Underpass is a waste at any price 2 crossings within a half block.

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