Julian Castro who is currently running for president himself violated the Hatch act. I don’t see any moral outrage from the left about him.

The horse tooth mayor was trying to be offensive and raise emotion when he made the Clarence Thomas comment. Watch the video. He was all giddy and threw it out out there wanting to strike up emotions. He said Justice Thomas wasn’t acting like an African American should in his opinion. H…

My thoughts exactly. Very nice work and a great addition to the town. I hope the taggers leave it alone.

Joe just tours left wing talking points. If he has a hard time remembering if he just plagiarizes it.

That is just great that they have been working night and day to raise every tax and fee on the citizens of Illinois. The governor is so out of touch with the will of the people it sickens me.

Fiscal responsibility! What a complete joke. Tax upon tax with no let up in sight. Pritzger and Renner are running people out of this state at record pace.

What? 5 new levels of hell for every citizen of the state. They absolutely do not have a single citizen of Illinois in there minds when passing these foolish things.

She’s a lying bag of wind. Can’t even speak a coherent sentence.
Trump isn’t going to work with a group of democrats who have decided there mission is to investigate every facet of the Presidents life just because they don’t like him. He has already improved the economy and reduced unem…

Glad to see Carrillo’s first order of business was to make it about herself and how her name appears. That represents your ward well.

I’m not a real doctor but play one here in the opinion pages of the paper.

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