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Ten Sleep, WY


LOL What a hypocrite you are!

Let's see what you've said in the past, shall we? (spelling and grammar intact, as written -- another sad thing.)

"I dont give a damn if he defended a three eyed coke a holic with a pit bull with depth perception difficulites. Bill Yoder has mad…


King Brucie, Radogno and Durkin are flopping around like fish dumped out of a net.

Let me help. The constitution is your guide to the process -- 30 and 60. Bills. Amendments. But the process works only if the partcipants have a moral compass. It is immoral to destroy the social servic…


That's because it IS victim-blaming.

His economic gangsterism and right-wing quasi-populism is a thin veneer over the real heart of the beast: parafascism, as defined by Robert Griffin in his "Nature of Fascism".

As an aside, a friend of mine and I were playing with th…


Looking forward to this event -- thanks, IWU, for hosting!


In a non-political sense, we are ALL citizens of the world. Arguing against it is the same as saying as humans, we have no shared responsibility to the planet we ALL occupy.

"Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind." ~~Albert Einstein


Nope. That's a conservative myth trotted lamely out time and again to those who swallow anything without thinking.

66.7% of corporations in the US pay ZERO taxes. And since they have all their high-powered lawyers and yes-men to cover their azzes, naturally the low-powered "think…

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