There is a newer system where the roof is the solar panel. You no longer mount the panels over a roof. It promises to be cheaper to install and longer lasting.

I wonder if we could squeeze by if we just stopped paying the governor, assistant governor, senators, congressmen, and their staffs until the budget was fixed. Oh, and pensions for the previous ones.

What if we considered whether or not consolidation provided better education rather than focusing on whether it is cheaper?

Thanks for another wonderful article, Bill Kemp. It seems devolution does fit much of Bloomington. Too bad.

Another wonderful article from Bill Kemp. Thanks.

I've long envied anyone who lived in a house where an expanse of grass was not the aesthetic. How wonderful. How exotic, not another flat featureless midwestern tract. Well good bye to that.

Salt Lake City solved this problem. We could, too.

Actually, you, we, paid to have it removed.

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