18 Months Old and ------- she asked him to lift her to a wall of windows lining the play area. ------ Come on now!

the sins of those who came before them at that location with a different business model," said Renner. --------------- WTH!!!!!!!

WOW!!!!! "Kick a man when he is down."


The only disability in life is having a bad attitude Oscar Pistorius


Some parents can't afford the pool pass much less a bus pass! The pool pass is a fair price and some have a hard time obtaining that for their children. It takes a village to raise our kiddos!!!!

NO aquatic center needed - just a nice/safe pool for the summer. Keep admission fee low so all the kiddos can enjoy, as so many have over the years!!!!!!!

Congratulations to all of the recipients - Reach for the stars!!!!!!!


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