He has every right to be angry over things he lost and missed out on as a result of a shoddy conviction. Don’t tell him that he is lucky to be alive. You save that comment for the killer(s). He has nothing to do with her death, so keep him out of it. I’m sure he feels bad for Jennifer an…

A ruse for buying textbooks? What?

That guy’s 56 years old???

Perhaps the coaching changes are actually best for the athletes. Perhaps participation in sports has been declining in recent years, and perhaps it was apparent that a change was needed due to a low number of students who chose to go out for this year’s fall sports. Besides, it’s not like …

I always liked Dr. W. just from hearing him on the WJBC morning show. Now, it’s clear to me that he is not just an easy person to listen to, he is also a good person. Thanks to Dr. W, his family, and his colleagues for making this happen. Very classy!

Even good swimmers would struggle in violent water like I saw in the video.

He left ISU (not Illinois) to take the position at Kansas.

Jobs are jobs. The more opportunities for people to work, the better. Stop whining about pay and benefits. If you don’t like it, then don’t work there. Someone else who needs a job can take it.

North Korea already got what they wanted from their nuclear program. Now they can stop to get sanctions lifted. The world should have been much harder on North Korea a long time ago. He played everyone with his past promises just to get what he wanted from their nuclear program. He’s lau…

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