MaggieM commented on The changing nature of retail

Actually the Dairy Queen on South Main sits on the entrance road and parking lot of the Sinorak Smorgasboard. If you kept driving on around behind the Sinorak, you entered the Drive-In. At night if you were driving south on Veteran's (the Beltway), you could catch a few seconds of that eveni…

Oh please... If I am correct, Michelle Williams attended ISU for ONE SEMESTER. There are so many more people who actually graduated from ISU who are more successful.

MaggieM commented on Half Century Club visits ISU

"Most, if not all, universities have alumni associations, but ISU goes a step further. For at least seven years, ISU has been singling out those who graduated 50 or more years ago, according to Stephanie Duquenne, associate director of alumni relations."

Actually, most alumni…

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