Amazing how a high-priced, crisis management/PR firm owned by a prominent CNN contributor can flip the narrative. Those little darlings - butter wouldn't melt in their mouths.

If you choose to opt out of the leak protection plan you cannot opt in to the water line or sewer line repair programs. Total cost about $12.50 per month is how I read it.

Great job GreenTop! First year can always be difficult. Tremendous asset to the community & local farmers. Money raised for local charities and resources made available to local community groups has also been welcome. Bloomington supports you. Just witness the speed that local shoppers r…

President Trump got shamefully outplayed by a former KGB thug. Putin's criminal regime is not a competitor of the US, it's an adversary and it's economy is in a shambles (Canada and Italy both have larger GDPs). The one thing it does have is buckets of cash that need laundering and rich &quo…

Well, if Vlad agrees with the President that "many years of US foolishness and stupidity" are to blame for poor relations, it must be true. Vlad's very smart and wants to be our friend. Happy Monday, my fellow stupids.

"Trade wars are easy to win." Said no one ever (except that one real estate guy who went bankrupt a bunch of times).

OMG! Pantagraph commenters are fretting about inconvenience and traffic in Chicago (AKA: The Great Satan). The world has truly turned upside down.

Shimkus says, "People will get scraped up, bruised and scarred". Not him, of course, nor The Donald. But there will be a lot of farmland on the market before this experiment is over and a lot more debt accrued by farmers.

Alternative headline: Price of Midwest soybeans fall while Brazil's skyrocket.

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