I loved Genesis. Especially their song, "Carpet Crawlers"! However, Peter Gabriel became a better musician after the breakup with Phil Collins.

I get tired of the idea that Evangelicals vote the same. Think the same. Are all conservative. There are urban Evangelical Democrats and Rural or suburban Evangelical Republicans. People vote their conscience.

Donald J. Drumpf's campaign is proof that racism is alive and well in America. Policy means nothing to him. He's nothing but a spoiled brat who inherited his Dad's millions. If Kim Kardashian ran for President she'd be the front runner. Too many people are more interested in reality TV stars…

mestizo commented on Plenty of blame in budget mess

Patrick Quin as governor couldn't get Madigan and Cullerton to agree on a budget either. So, don't expect Gov. Rauner to get those two inflated egos to agree on any solution he may come with. Illinois politics has disgusted me since I was old enough to understand it.
I wish we had an op…

The more supermarkets are concentrated East of Veterans' Parkway the more western Mclean County becomes a food desert. There are two doctors living within walking distance of my home, yet our local grocery stores are Walmart and Aldis. Or we have to drive more than ten miles to have a better…

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