Wondering if part of the name change to Central Illinois is so they can move the team elsewhere when their agreement with the Coliseum is up next year. That way they wouldn't have to "rebrand" if / when they change venues or cities.

I'll let the council's track record on handing out taxpayer dollars to big business speak for itself. Also you call me out for making assumptions and not directing my concerns to the appropriate people...yet you are making an assumption that I didn't contact somebody on the council...sounds… this can be done without taxpayer funds...shocking. I guess thanks go to the Hyatt group for doing something reasonable. As far as the clown college of our local government you guys should be ashamed this was funding was even going to be voted on let alone approved. What an embarressment.

I hope someone on the council asks ownership what there plan is to compete with another hotel (Radisson) opening by an interstate. If Hyatt can't make it now what makes the council think they can make it with more competition.

They've had zero events this summer and nothing scheduled until can't blame previous management for that since they were outed over a year ago. Meanwhile the Limelight, Peoria riverfront, Champaign all continue to pull in events. Face it this location has way too much competit…

Can I write an article about how people in L.A. can learn from people in Central IL and how they exercise. I could throw generalizations around how people in Central IL can think for themselves and don't need trainers or all those cool/hip classes they have in LA do nothing but drain your po…

Would love to know what the hospitals consider and count toward "charitable services" and if that number ever gets audited for reasonableness.

I actually said new business and of which Wal Mart and Farm and Fleet aren't. My point is if a business, which would also includes manufacturing, is trying to choose between two locations, it would make Normal more attractive because the consumer would be paying less for a product in Normal.…

I don't blame Bloomington for wanting out but would love for Normal to cancel the sales tax agreement and lower their sales tax rate. Hopefully they would increase sales tax revenue based on increased volume as well as making Normal more attractive to new businesses.

Interesting how the media has begun leaving the word "illegal" out of their headlines. Even within the article "illegal" has been replaced with "undocumented" and "unauthorized." Trying to be subtle and put a spin on things...interesting.

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