Wonders what kind of reception I would have gotten with my "Trump supporter for Planned Parenthood"? I stayed home.

LoL! Aaaaah :)


First of all WOW! Can't believe some of you pastes are still commenting, after all these year, lol. I missed yas, lol. I'm going to miss it. It was my *go to* for a perfume I get. Anywhere else in town sell *Clinique Happy Heart*? I know Google and online are my friends, but I would like to …

As always...Stick ot to the man (and women) who just wants to be able to run a business and make a living...

Karma will come to these pieces of garbage. Someway someday.

Oooh I got the chills! What an awesome game, so thrilled to have seen it in person! Proud of ya Clayton Willis! Fantastic job! Congratulations on the win Olympia and to our coach Ron Smith on his 500th win! What an accomplishment!!!

Sounds like a win/win! Congrats to us all.

Welcome to Oly Charles! We hope you will be happy in our school district!!

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