May hurt feelings or come as shock, but not everything is about the media.

100% correct.

Alderperson Schmidt : failing for almost 2 decades to make downtown Bloomington something other than the craptastic non-place that it is. Time for new views. Time for a REAL progressive, not a fake one that lives in a mansion and votes against the interest of POC. You Go Jenn ! I look forw…

Liberal RINO Rauner's friends don't like Jeanne Ives...Which is why I do and you should too. Vote Ives.

MyOhMy commented on McLean County Clerk

As a mellinial contemplating living , working and playing in downtown Bloomington I’m voting for Nikita Richards instead . Nikita ! You Go girl !

As a mellinial , the only thing holding me back from work, living and playing in downtown Bloomington was the lack of a farm to vase florist .

MyOhMy commented on 88th Legislative District

He will EASILY win re-election . Fact.

I agree ! I would much rather have bulk waste pickup than Ms. Stillers dubious 'contribution' to downtown. So many recent hires at the behest of the Mayor and if they didn't know they would need a hiring freeze just a few months down the road ? Smells of getting jobs for the fri…