No Mrs. Londrigan can go back to buying $ 10,000,000 fake Abe Lincoln hats.

WGLT called Londrigan the winner. what gives ?

Ya well as a citizen that votes , I would like an apology from Mrs. Beard for the never ending supply of RINO fake republicans that they keep giving us as candidates ! Look no further than the composition of the Bloomington City Council to see the GOP 'machine' does not give a crap about el…

MyOhMy commented on McLean County clerk

Gee Tracy, your comment now makes me question why I voted for your husband when he ran for mayor. Anyone that knows Kathy Michael knows a good part of the reason she is running for a 3rd term is to secure a pension. If you believe Kathy Michael 'left her laptop in the rain and then took i…

Kathy Michael calling a U.S. Navy Veteran a socialist shows what disgusting and bitter woman Kathy has become. In my opinion, Michael is more of a nazi than Nikita is a socialist.

May hurt feelings or come as shock, but not everything is about the media.

100% correct.

Alderperson Schmidt : failing for almost 2 decades to make downtown Bloomington something other than the craptastic non-place that it is. Time for new views. Time for a REAL progressive, not a fake one that lives in a mansion and votes against the interest of POC. You Go Jenn ! I look forw…

Liberal RINO Rauner's friends don't like Jeanne Ives...Which is why I do and you should too. Vote Ives.

MyOhMy commented on McLean County Clerk

As a mellinial contemplating living , working and playing in downtown Bloomington I’m voting for Nikita Richards instead . Nikita ! You Go girl !