Nevermind the furthermore

The Powers That Be must have holes in their souls.

Don't forget the misbehavior in japan...

Sorry Jimmy, but as hinted by the current city government's inaction, the downtown Grand Cafe is just not the "Right Fit". However, crumbling abandoned buildings, including those taking up an entire block six blocks south, apparently are...

Nevermind the furthermore commented on Pitts: What will we do in a future without newspapers?

Learn to code.

Cover for a raid on the Clinton Foundation offices?

B/N needs a sugar daddy like this to fund the repair of roads, sewers, and water lines, because local government sure isn't

Nevermind the furthermore commented on Normal OKs road name changes to reflect Rivian presence

Now, will Bloomington follow suit and rename its abandoned 7/8ths of a mile-long stretch of Mitsubishi Motorway south of Six Points Road (next to the mothballed fire station)?

Nevermind the furthermore commented on To 'Electric Avenue': Normal to rename roads for Rivian

Hey Bloomington, whatcha ever gonna do with GE Road? They've been gone for 1/4 century.

How about moving and using THIS bridge as the underpass to Updowntown south? Lot cheaper than $24million!

"Activist and North Chicago resident Ralph Peterson Jr. also addressed the commissioners, telling them that he feels the Civil War Days event is racist" He is a racist for even mentioning this.

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