Another waste of ISU money changing Bone Student Center. I quit donating.

We quit buying a few years ago. Prices are to high and there are other better choices out there more readily available.

More like $4 by the time the Democ-rats down at Springfield increase the tax.

Glad someone is standing up to this BS. Obama who's that ? No one special that's for sure.

Has the ISP found that CMV driver that was parked in front "Do Not Enter" signage of the interstate ramp? After all you let them park there ISP. Get up off your rear end and issue citations for parking on those ramps. Do YOUR job!

Looks like the usual ramp parking by a CMV driver that should be ticketed. I'm surprised that it isn't parked in front of the "Do Not Enter" signage that the ISP allows them to do. Ever wonder how a CMV could be going the wrong way on the interstate highway ISP?

Has taxin Tari and his merry band of bobbing heads declared it a TIF district ?

Has our weak ISP found the reason why yet?
Here's a clue an illegal parked CMV on an exit ramp located on south Main parked in front of the "Do Not Enter" signage is likely the reason.
If our weak ISP would issue citations to those drivers parked on those ramps maybe th…

I'm more concerned about the radar interference that those wind turbines have and my safety due to those turbines when the weather service can't alert people of changing weather conditions to seek shelter. Be careful what you wish for in your endeavor to reduce climate change by using wind…

I had a friend ask IDOT to put up signage like that... xx miles to the next rest stop. Their answer was no because of uniform regulations for interstate's and they had to be posted xx miles apart. Isn't that kind of contradictory when the ISP and IDOT allows parking on rural ramps in fro…