Probably I would guess why someone said unfair is because electric cars also use the city streets also. The city is also taxing individuals that may only buy fuel that don't even live in the city aka taxation without representation.
I just imagine most people want accountability for…

Why they should thank their city counsel and mayor because they voted for them or failed to vote against them when they were running for the position. Yip the citizens owe the blame on themselves.... enjoy it because you get what you deserve!

Better yet an F4 tornado levels it and moves slightly SE toward city hall and levels it too. The problem with a fire is that it would likely be extinguished. Then more money would be spent to fix it. With an F4 it is beyond repair and probably covered by insurance. With a fire there w…

Any one who thinks those who earn more will pay more I have a faux bridge to sell you for free. Get real, politician lie a lot.

I've eaten in one of their places at Brookfield, WI. It was okay and a break from the other chains for something different. I wish we still had a Schlotzsky's


If I was on the jury I'd be curious if it was some client of hers. Is this another case where the police have railroad someone into a conviction like the Lockmiller conviction? I don't trust the police anymore.

Term limits for any mayor is needed.

Term limits NOW!

I agree 100%. The idiot rep from Hawaii said they were introducing a bill to eliminate the Electoral College. Just goes to show you how stupid some people can be. In essence he would be limiting or making it possible that Hawaii would have little representation in an election.

The ISP as well as other police forces aren't issuing enough citations in my opinion.
In fact they use the most archaic system of issuing citations. A person's drivers license should have a bar code that can be swiped to eliminate time issuing citations. Also the police force should g…

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