Sounds like I need to provide more financial support for Josh.

It’s government money. Why bother?

It really feels like a mad scramble by every taxing body to get as much as they can before every tax payer left is sucked dry. I sure wish they all would stop sucking.

Seriously let’s think about this. $50 million and another 6 a year to play soccer and maybe cricket!?! There is a reason every third world country that is dirt poor can still put a competitive Olympic soccer team together. You only need grass and some pylons to play!!! Technically, you don…

There is absolutely no way they would be stupid enough to throw away $50 million! No way...right? They can’t raise our taxes to pay for it...right?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably realizing the half wits running our community are going to make another idiotic move that’s going to cost you BIG! Ain’t it great when others decide what to do with your money? Now go get your wallet!

Euler, can you explain your logic in tying this to Trump? You might want to ask yourself why the obsession. Therapy is readily available.

THIS will save our community and be a legacy for Renner! I look forward to the day when law enforcement is completely minimized by illegal immigrant ordinances and BLM pressures. Let the laws of the United States be overturned for anarchy in the name of political correctness!

She called it a mild winter!?! She must have spent the winter in Florida.