This is absolutely ridiculous. We've been waiting for high-speed rail for over ten years. Need I mention "uptown Station?" Of course we need safety. IF the trains really ran at even 79 mph, we would be in Chicago (from Normal) In far under two hours. When was the last time that…

I think we have a right to more information. Names, dates, places. Not the victims--they have a right to privacy. We need to know the perpetrators and especially the bishops or other officials who covered up, yet constantly beg for money .

There's a lot I could say, but WOW! sums it up. If only half the negative things said/written about Trump are true, we're in a horrible situation. And who can blame him for being, well...him. I blame our brave congressional leaders who won't stop him.

Actually, Pence and Ryan are not stellar examples of what a US President should be, but hopefully they are a little smarter and more willing to be reasoned with than what we have now.

I don't have a solution re: the children. If their parents are desperate enough to flee their own country with children and attempt to enter the US illegally those kids are already traumatized. The forced separation and incarceration only makes it worse.

Getting back to the concentra…

I didn't understand the main point of this editorial. Are we to ignore all media warnings and other warning devices and only take cover if the sirens sound, or should the standards for sounding the sirens be changed? Or is it everyone for themselves? Unfortunately, in recent years the med…

I shouldn't expect anything different from a Republican in this county, but WOW! It's not surprising, but very, very sad. I could go into what's happening in my life, but who cares? Trump is the hero of everything that is wrong with this country, and evidently this community.

Really--when you consider what's going on in the world today. I don't really think either of those two madmen will push the button to start World War III on purpose. However, in a fit of rage, due to a wrong assumption, or by accident, it's possible, and there will be no going back. Then …

It's a hot dog, and yes, they have other things too. This is NOT earth-shattering news. I suppose I will eventually patronize the place when the crowds die down. But that all B/N residents can think about???

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