pitdogg2 commented on Medicare for All deserves support

yea ask those that must use the VA how that is working out for them?? The government can do that to well.

Idiots..... They can't figure out why there's no money...HELLO
Just how many of those low income families are going to be able to afford to be able to go to your hi dollar aquatic center?? Get real Tari!!

Funny thing about that Jon, they've dedicated only 10% of the taxes from it for paying bills. The LE agencies are getting a bunch from it and the new FOID increase. They (LE) already get 150.00 every five years for CCW. I keep wondering when they will make you get and pay for a drivers licen…

100% agree. Gosh sure would be nice to vote one's self a raise... All raises should be asked for then voted on by the public in the next election.

Just another way to get the law abiding citizens fingerprints on file for doing absolutely nothing wrong. If other states are not going to submit their felons fingerprints and other information (like the Aurora shooting) then once again this solves none of that. I never needed to submit my …

18 or not it's an unlawful use of wepons charge and he is not 21 to legally have possession of a handgun. Hold his feet to the fire. One more proof of reason the state should allow LEGAL CCW permitted persons to continue to carry in parks.

HA ! Shocking

Ridiculousness at its finest. 100k buys a LOT of paint to paint a new mural. What a waste of tax payers money.

Yea up north they refer to us as little Chicago ...

Agree 100%. Ike their son also did it no favors. He went and let the old building fail around him without ever putting any effort to keep up with the upkeep. The sign on the window at the west side location spoke of a water line burst after the super cold spell at the beginning of the year.…

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