Sadly this conference was more than some make per YEAR working for District 87 and Unit5 . Doesn’t look good when they all have to cut job positions and fight to give fair wages, but have money like this for a short 3 day venture.


Yay! I knew we could do it!!!!

Excellent idea!!

I am a long admirer of this property, I am sad I missed the tour, would love to know of another. I am thrilled that preservation is taking place rather than destruction. We have so few of these beauties left in our town. It's about time someone cares to preserve our ansestors homes rather th…

Don't forget we also lost Kmart, famous Liquor, and small business no one noticed. Someone needs to be woken up, our city can't only survive on one more Red Robin!
Sears????? I haven't heard that one! When?

Sad to see another building be demolished, just hope whomever buys the land doesn't put another doomed to fail strip mall there! Let's be creative and build homes so the neighborhood can keep its charm.

Well good ol Bloomington has done it again, true or not but wasn't it a "lease" issue that closed Big Lots, Circuit City, Kmart, Ks Merchandise, and now Cubs. Unless they use the term as a scapegoat. Very sad to see yet another good business go down. I have shopped there since open…

Prison time, if they can give a person 10 yrs for peddling drugs within a radius of schools they sure dam well can give prison time for endangering children within feet of a school. DuI's are rampant and inexcusable, but one that causes an accident right in the path of a school should have t…

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