Ummm. People 30 pounds overweight can already buy food without a doctors’s supervision. J.B. being 30 pounds over is very optimistic.

And Bradley did this with only 3 seniors on the entire roster. ISU couldn’t reach this level with 4 senior starters. Muller has now been outperformed by his chief rival (Bradley) and the one of coaches he was hired to replace (Moser).

I’ve seen better defense in an NBA all-star game than what I saw out of ISU tonight.

Curious as to why you would fire Lyons. If you wanted to fire Mueller, I could understand. Sports, other than men’s basketball, are steady or on the use.

Mueller could have saved himself a lot of trouble by kicking Yarborough off the team when he got in trouble with the law for the third or fourth time. Coach, it’s your fault.

So the plan this year was to upgrade the schedule so that maybe an at-large birth would be possible for the NCAA tourney. How do losses to UIC and Belmont fit into that plan? A senior laden team that is off to a bad start. Disappointing.

Add Coach Mueller to those who said this was a really good team. I’m disappointed in his “leadership”, mostly that he did almost nothing to Yarborough for his latest run-in with the law. And don’t tell me that benching Malik against Belmont was disciplining him.

Illinois has a defensive coordinator? That’s news!

Agreed, but will add one thing. The only way to take back the govt is to get out and vote. 18 months ago, only 19% voted in the mayoral-city council election. 81% didn’t vote. To me that means they are too lazy or uninformed to vote OR they approve of the way things are going.

“Thousands of Yale classmates”! Give me a break. There probably aren’t a thousand Yale classmates who even knew Kavanaugh, let alone know him well enough to say if he was a saint or a sinner. Exaggerating the situation doesn’t help.

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