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How about dialing down the expectations for literacy and math for a starter. The brain of a child can only develop so fast. To expect things out of 5 year old that are above their ability is frustrating for the student and parents. Parents need to realize that Kindergarten isn't what it u…

If the fireworks were illegal, he should receive a fine. Hope his homeowner's insurance goes up on being negligent and if the fireworks were illegal to possess and use, then the insurance company should also deny coverage for the claim.

Not funny! The police need to find these jerks and get them off the street before someone seriously gets hurt or killed. Enough is enough!

Smaller homes around Blackstone, I'm interested in this along with hundreds of other potential buyers.

Great day to not return a prom tux on time and just pay the late fee that's cheaper than an auto accident or being in a ditch.

Life was much better before social media existed period. Don't use them, and never will now or in the future. If I want someone to know something I'll speak to them directly and privately without big brother knowing my thoughts.

LOL when you can't figure out how to fix the potholes and craters in this town what do you expect. If the council would quit spending other people's money and think of it as their own savings account maybe they'll quit being wasteful and voters will support them. Change is needed because t…

Double it and I will buy ALL my gas out of town since I don't live in BLO-NO ! Cut the wasteful spending on pet projects that the majority of the citizens don't want and you would have enough money to fix the roads. Truly pathetic leadership to suggest but yet pass a doubling of the gas ta…

Hmm not sure, but that picture shows no businesses at all in that location which is Veterans and Clearwater. Just how is that even possible if that accident occurred in the south bound lane?

Anyone ever think of talking to the automotive dealerships around here. I am very sure that they would sell more new cars if our roads were fixed. I for one will keep driving my old car until the roads are fixed. Why should I go into debt to just damage a new car from our pathetic pothole…

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