soidon commented on We need fair arbiters of truth

More rubbish from Mr. Kaeb.

soidon commented on Apply faith in all its forms

Ah yes, freedom of superstition. The Bible reads like a Batman or Superman comic book. Billions believe because they are threatened not to believe as children. That is why religion demands education to kids who don't know how to think yet. Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Mormon and many other t…

Dump Madigan and Trump

soidon commented on Feed children to change world

What the world needs is more birth control and lots of it. We can't consistently produce more food using more poisons and taking land and food and water away from other organisms on the planet. How many "fathers" are merely sperm donors? How many single impoverished women run fa…

soidon commented on Has concern about Trump health

What are you observing and what do you advocate Mr. Chump cheerleader?

Thank you o'Christian god for cancer. I adore you for that.

Dear Christians. What is the origin of the word Easter? Look it up. It has nothing to do with a fairytale about a dead Jew. It is about Spring and rebirth of nature, (eggs and rabbits) not a false Christian story about wishful thinking. Go Yeshua ----rah rah rah! Yeshua--(baby Jesus) i…

soidon commented on Has concern about Trump health

Only an ignorant moron like you l could say that Mr. Obama was not born in the USA. You are a classic ignorant Trumpet. Trump's father's birth certificate is available. You are an ignorant fool. Obama's birth certificate is available, and has been for decades. So has Frederick Trump's.…

soidon commented on Has concern about Trump health

President Chump wrote his own medical evaluation. Now he is a physician and an oncologist saying wind turbine noise causes cancer to prop up fossil fuels. He is a pathologic liar about almost everything he mentions including abortions. He is lowering regulations on clean air and water in f…

soidon commented on Focus on whole point of gospel

Thanks for another round of Christian superstition. I'll pass on your ludicrous comments.

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