Convert the Arena into City and County government offices. Quit trying to polish this cow chip!

Clearly Mayor Koos believes Normal taxpayers are to stupid to see the obvious. Normal is nearly $90 million in debt. He and his Council help oversee Connect Transit that runs an annual loss of nearly $13 million. And, Mayor Koos plans to spend taxpayer money on a new library, underpass, c…

Individuals involved with CT are not smart enough to figure out how to reduce their annual $13,000,000. loss or how to best serve riders. They do know how to pay themselves, hire consultants, steer their hand picked advisory groups to reach CT objectives and draw excessive salaries. Now, …

stick commented on BEC to mail new voter cards

What a waste of taxpayer $$. The only purpose I've found for a voter card is when applying for the Real ID, certainly not for voting.

Ward 6 has some of the worst streets in Bloomington...perhaps she should WORK on behalf of her constituents instead of beating them down.

At least President Trump is attempting to resolve trade issues. USA's trade delegation is not smart enough to devise solutions beneficial to the taxpayer. One thing is for sure, when tariffs are implemented and increases the cost of goods to individuals those prices will NEVER come down r…

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