How about instead of platitudes we have another Saturday opinion piece completely void of news value?

Again....bad te.....never mind.

State Farm charged a higher premium because they offered excellent custoner service. That level of customer service is gone, but not the premium price. That’s why they are losing market share so fast.’s like the okd saying goes, “you think Bloomington-Normal has the most educated citizens in the state until you read the comments section in the Pantagraph.

Again.....Bad team, Bad coach. Nuff said.

Bad team. Bad coach. Nuff said.

Great Job Rivian and EDC!

Mayor, you make it too easy for these posters to call you foolish. Please stop!

Dan? Bill? Jason? Keith? Anyone home?

They said at the neeting that ISU students get the least amount of state funds of any college in the state. What gives? Dan...Bill..Keith...Jason....anyone??? Help?

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