Undocumented is a word used by many people who try to downplay what they are. If I drive without a drivers license I am a undocumented driver, If I sell alcohol to paying patrons in my garage - I am a undocumented bar. I can go on & on with this. It is illegal.

When most companies lay off & then rehire the employees on different jobs the employees are treated as new hires with no seniority. Whatever benefits they had - are gone and they will be starting over as a new hire off the street. That's another way they save money.

The same reason my son decided to go out of state school is because when U of I was recruiting my son he went for a visit. He felt as if he was in another country. English was the 2nd language - and look ISU is looking at doing the same thing. U of I discovered out of country students pay mo…

What part of Illegal does the board not understand? Remember them at election time - I will.

Someone has to pay for all of the free medical care that given out every year.

Didn't Cat say they were NOT moving from Peoria?
Didn't State Farm say they were NOT moving from Bloomington ???

What a bunch of BS. Consumers are always the losers. Remember deregulation was going to save us $$$ but we NEVER saw any savings. They are upset because someone else is getting a break. If they are going to keep it open they will, if they plan on closing it they will. Either way the taxpayer…

I think the students who are complaining should decide which government agency will be shut down and defunded so they could register & vote on the same day and not have to be inconvenienced. Same day registration was another unfunded mandate the government forced upon the taxpayers of th…

If you wish to see where State Farm is heading Look Here

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