Toby Toole

"...former Human Resources Director... pension... from $92,000 to nearly $113,000 a year."

It's absolutely INSANE that taxpayers are on the hook to pay these HUGE pensions to government workers when they retire. It's like winning the lottery. Most private sector employees …

Has Trump bought any tickets yet? $1.6 billion would make a nice down payment on the wall.

So, does this mean the issue is settled and a trial date can be set, or will The Pantagraph, WGLT and the Illinois Press Association take this issue to the Supreme Court?

No comments allowed on the article about the Brady Bunch? I've made a mental note not to loan them any money.

I wonder if anyone from Bloomington warned Joliet officials about Hales, or did people keep mum to pass the problem on to some other city?

"Normal City Council signed off on a $29.2 million five-story building for the northeast side of Uptown Circle… "

When this proposal was first announced, did anyone have any doubt that the council would not sign off on it? Very foolish for government to be involved in constr…

If you're not a landowner and/or don't live in DeWitt County, please keep your opinion to yourself. If these wind energy companies were footing the bill themselves for these wind farms, that would be one thing, but they are hooking the taxpayers at least $1 million for each turbine they in…

Any word on whether the ghost of G.J. Mecherle will be included with the sale of the former SF building?

Are you implying you want downtown Blm to be more like San Francisco where you have to watch where you step, because the homeless use the sidewalks for their toilet?

So you don't give a ... about tax evasion by billionaires.