Gads. The whiners are sure whining.

Gads. Some people just like to whine. Do something productive if you have all this extra time.

Respect must be earned. And Mr McCain has certainly earned my respect.

Great Man. Honorable. Honest. Respectful.

Eaton is very gifted and the Blono community is fortunate to have him here.

This is real entertaining. And watching the Trumpies in denial....Priceless. Thanks for the laugh trumpies.

Trump the Chump will be twittering his lies tonight.

I see the Russian bots are posting.

Part of the problem is the absolute idiots that believe this lying loser.

Political firing. He will sue and win. And those that are saying Good Ridance, what would be your response if this was during Obama. Yep. You are just political hack wannabes, and bad ones at that.

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