Turner Joy

Todd Drive isn't exactly a shopping area, unless you are shopping for illegal drugs. If that is your interest, by all means shop in Peru not B/N.

Stay local - the same way all the corn, soybeans, milk etc produced does?

Well done Sheriff!

HyVee delivers.

Meanwhile other states are actually funding higher education. Many of the best and brightest from Illinois are attending college elsewhere.

I like Sage's suggestion of an advisory referendum. Let the proponents of this project sell it to the voters, or not. This proposed project is not business as usual.

Smart says "Smart. "If they aren't doing what the people elected them to do then they can turn them out at the next election." That's exactly what happened to the aldermen who ignored the results of the coliseum referendum.

Source? Which wind farm? Which TIF district? I'm skeptical that any of the wind farms in McLean County are in a TIF district.

It's amazing to see that bar owner whining about a possible increase in a fee that hasn't been raised since 1982. I bet he doesn't charge 1982 prices. And he doesn't even have the courtesy and respect to remove his hat indoors. On the other hand, it is absurd that the city has left th…

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