Oh forgot, what connections does Frontier plan on getting at 6 a.m. in the morning? Not staying the night only to get to the airport at 4 to catch this flight...You just cut out ALL potential connections from western Frontier locations on the return trip to Bloomington. Nice marketing....

Better keep those fares at $39 if you think you will put any people in those seats from DEN to BMI....6:00 a.m.???? You’ve cut you’re own throat and you haven’t even begun service yet...we will see how many people you have at the DEN airport at 4 a.m. to catch that flight....who is thinking …

TwentyTwo commented on Power forward Ndiaye commits to ISU

Does he have 2 or 4 years of eligibility?

Brilliant post. Butler has lived in Bloomington his whole life....yeah I’m sure he is a flight risk lol

What and when was the last new service this Board has brought into Bloomington? Yes, maybe additional flights to the same locations but what about new Airlines or cities? Totally incompetent management.


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How could you ever forget to include Beningo's?!!!

Uh, I think that is what Ed is saying above...using your words...."there have been no proposals on what would replace the ACA"....Kinsinger needs to do something with the majority party in congress and DO SOMETHING!

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