Wild Bill

Some of the people that make commits on here could be considered to have mental illness!

Wild Bill commented on A win-win idea for downtown

I know someone who owned a building gave it to organization for free and got it back. Old buildings cost money to take care of.

Thank God everything turned out good!

Wild Bill commented on Current pension system outdated

I can see the State outsourcing more jobs just to get away paying the benefits it does now. You can't keep doing what your doing now. This will give you something to think about. How many people in Bloomington-Normal collect pensions from the State. Now just add up the totals for the year…

Wild Bill commented on Current pension system outdated

What is wrong with doing away with pensions and they can collect social security.

When you read the article you can see whether did this. You don't need two plants in a area. If you have two plants within 40 miles one will work. Farmers have fields planted for the company so that has to be harvested and sent to a plant. Drive around and you other plants that have close…

Their are two choices one is politics and the other is family. Family is the right choice. A Christian hands down goes with family before politics.

He has a thick head or he was in the cattle barn too long smoking alfalfa.

She left with her boyfriend. Who has the say in their child the parent. In this situation your damed if you do and damed if you don't. Don't worry Leon if you were the child both parents would try to give you to the other one and no one would take you.

You left something out. Little Elins Mother drown on the way over to the U.S.. So Elins Father lived in Cuba. He was sent to Cuba to be with his Father.

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