wonder why

prosecution has no case !!! get ready yo pony up the big bucks !! they cant give him back 28 yrs. of his life but it would be nice if he was awarded 28 yrs of everyones pension that was corrupt and perjured themselves

it would make a great "gilleys" like the one in urban cowboy !!!! & a casinio too !! people need to have a place to just have some fun !!!

by their own testimony the bikers stated no oncoming traffic was coming so why didn't the biker go to the left of the slowing car instead of hitting the ditch ???? hm hm...

that mayor sure is something he can smile for the camera shake your hand & pick your pocket all at the same time !!!!! what a pro !!!

the headline should have read city TAXPAYERS expected to maintain ownership of 3 golf courses !!!! it is what it is !!!!!!!!

if you ever find yourself sitting at a defense table you need steve sitting next to you !! he is the best in the county !!!

well last time my family buried a loved one the plot had to be purchased making it private property !! there are laws against destroying or damaging private property !!!!

I don't care if they want to vote for MICKEY MOUSE very un-American to park on graves !!!!

they should issue criminal property damage tickets to the owners of cars involved !! then suspend lic. plates if they don't show up for court !!!

the smart thing to do is NEVER talk to cops without a lawyer present !!!!!

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