Words Say it All

I want to know why Peoria County courts allow cell phones in courtrooms when other counties make you leave them off your person.

Words Say it All commented on Rosati's in Normal closing doors on Friday

Rosati's in Normal was awful. Sub-par pizza making. No wonder it went under.

They are not "things". They are living creatures. What if someone used that term to describe you or your kids?
Yes they are pests at times but remember MAN took over their habitat. They don't understand progress or overpopulation of irresponsible humans.
We don't need any …

Words Say it All commented on Woman leaves purse unattended, loses $1,300

Anyone with common sense would not leave a personal item such as that unattended, especially in Peoria. Or anywhere the riffraff reside for that matter.

Makes you wonder how many at our local colleges have enrolled students based on the same dishonesty.

Are you sure Koos wasn't on the Titanic too?

Good one! Koos is a scary bugger isn't he? So are his ideas for "improving" Normal.



Maybe Koos should relocate to South America. Sounds like his inane ideas might work there.

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