Shame CPS, and their lax hiring practices

Nice federal holiday, concerning that most of the union members these days are public service employees...not meant to be, bad for the country

Reining back the unions, public & private will help this state and nation.

Huge disappointment
Will missed
One of the greatest things going in BN

Enforce our laws, secure the borders

Looks like they’ll have to rainbow of all people on the project...regardless of skills quality and efficiency

Bad hire for the W, they have enough crazies working there. This person has no place in politics. Unstable!

He’ll be re-elected and have a legacy of limiting unions crushing our government with unsustainable financial burden.

Let’s not blame Trump. We are a nation that is fortunate to run under the rule of law. Let’s not just blow with the wind and base our nation on feelings. We must protect our borders. It’s the law.

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