Why would Normal Town Council punish their constituents which another tax increase simply because Bloomington officials have run their City into the ground? I hope this vote occurs before the election, not after.

Muller has lost this team. I don’t know that he ever had them, either. He’s clearly not bonded with any of the players. He goes on the radio after games and win or lose his comments are always negative. And so are his quotes for the paper. He’s Mr. Negativity. Just a really hard guy to ra…

Pretty accurate generalities, though I feel it is more conservative and liberal tendencies versus party politics.

They mean ILLEGAL immigrant. You know, the ones the liberals put a halo on.

This is one side of the story, the accusation side which always looks bad. Two sides to every story. Not defending abuse. I’m defending due process.

Zebra3 commented on Varner: Trade and tariff

I adore Dr Varner, but this rambling mess would be unacceptable in a junior high composition class!

Where did this come from? Was notice given to the public before a vote? Now I have at least another $205 added to my tax bill because these people can’t manage their expenses. Ridiculous!

I do not understand - is the COLA in addition to annual raises? What was not included in the budget?

Very similar to today’s environment only most of these kids were protesting the war and bring drafted into it. Today’s protesters have no clue what they are protesting from week to week.

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